Rather than scroll through all the pages if you're looking for a specific item or types of item, e.g. fridges, you can perform a search. Simply type your request in the search box - thats the little box above with "search..." and the small magnifying glass in it - then hit the enter button on your keyboard.

It helps if you put fewer words in as possible as too many could significantly reduce your chances of finding what you want. Common search words are: "washing" which will bring up all washing machines, "freezer" will bring up freezers and fridge freezers, "bed" will bring up all the beds, "drawer" will bring up any item that has a drawer...and so on.  You don't need to enter quotes (" ") though, they are just shown on this page to highlight examples of keywords. 

If you know our stock code then enter that to bring up a specific item. 

If you want more help then please do not hesitate to contact us, or visit our warehouse where our staff can assist you.