All FREE items are now listed in the main categories, particularly but not exclusively Home & Garden Furniture. They are shown with a price of £0.00. We always have some FREE items in stock, but that doesn't mean they're rubbish. They are still usuable and clean, but are Grade C which means they may have some damage, significant parts missing and/or heavy cosmetic issues or may need a small repair. We would rather give things away than have them thrown away, but please note that you cannot reserve FREE items as they are given away on a first come first served basis. They must leave our premises within 2 days from the date of sale (counter or internet) otherwise they will be put back on sale. Therefore if you are unable to take them away or come back within 2 days to collect them you should arrange for us to deliver them (which will be charged for). If not they will be put back on sale.

And we also have loads of Grade B items that are sold at low cost. Grade B means they may have minor damage or missing minor parts, although usually just means they have some cosmetic issues picked up through reasonable wear & tear.

We also have free cardboard and packaging (Stock Code: 940012), free bags of clean hardcore (Stock Code: 940013) and free waste wood, most of which is clean natural wood and kitchen unit doors, etc - but may contain nails and/or screws (Stock Code: 940014).

Some things have no practical use so we work with our sister company YourWasteGone.com to ensure as many items are recycled as possible, breaking and sorting into their component parts, i.e wood, plastic, metal, etc.